2021 Intentions

The festive season can be a bit of a whirlwind at times and often before we know it, it is the end of January and the year is off and running without a thought. To help ground and connect you to your 2021 intentions, we have put together a simple ritual that you can make as short or as long as you need so you can fit it into any pocket of time you can make for yourself.

Step one - Create Space

Choose or create a space that makes you feel calm and grounded. You could create an alter with some symbolic and cleansing items or choose a quiet space in nature, whatever makes you feel most connected to yourself. Our favourite is to climb a mountain just near our house really early in the morning, so we're not disturbed by anyone.

Step two - Meditation

Get a journal and pen ready and then set your timer for 2-5 minutes (if you are using your phone be sure to put it on do not disturb so you aren't interrupted by notifications). You can do more or less time depending on what feels good for you.

Then get comfortable, close your eyes and connect with your breath and intuition, ask yourself what categories of your life you'd like to work on this year and see what comes up most strongly to you. These categories could be things like finance, relationships, career, business, parenting, health, spirituality, personal development, intellect, whatever resonates most strongly with you.

This is not the time to try and work out the how and why, just feel into the broader categories that you would like to focus on.

Step three - Write it down

After you have finished this meditation write each category as a heading on an entire page, so if you have three categories, you will have three pages with headings in your journal. If you feel you have too many, you can write them all in a list and prioritise what is most important before allocating the most important ones a page each. Be gentle on yourself and realistic about what is achievable.

Step four - Expand on your categories

Now work through each page, narrowing down on exactly what you would like to achieve in each category, for example, maybe under relationships, you would like to spend one quality evening per week with your partner or under parenting, you would like to do a weekend activity with your kids once per month. I would recommend no more than 1-3 goals per category, ensuring you have enough time and energy to give to your intentions.

Step five - Support yourself

Take the time to read each intention in each category and ask yourself: 'What would support me to do this?'. It might be that you block out a night per week in you and your partners' calendar and take it turns to organise the evening together, which means you would need to ask your partner for support, or maybe you can ask your kids what they might like to do for weekend adventures, plan out 12 weekends and allocate jobs to each person to make each one happen. Whatever your intentions, it will always be easier with planning and support.

Step six - Final meditation

Set your timer again for 2-5 minutes (you can take more or less time if you would like) and envision yourself living and embodying all of your intentions that you have set for yourself, allow yourself to feel the joy and abundance of living a life of your dreams!

Remember this meditation and how it makes you feel and return to that throughout the year, even continue the meditation as a daily or weekly ritual to keep you constantly connected to your intentions throughout the year.


Finally, take the time to thank and acknowledge yourself and allow those intentions to flow into your life.

Do not forget to share your intentions with those who love and support you, not only do they help to keep you on track, but they can also provide insight and resources to support and empower you.

Wishing you all a joyful new year, thank you so much for all the love and support you have given us throughout 2020 and our rebranding process, we could never have dreamt to have such an incredible community and feel so grateful for you all.

Much Love,

Kel and Em xx