Creating an Earth Connection

Creating an Earth Connection

Mother Nature is endlessly giving us gifts to be grateful for as we continue our journey through life in unity with the natural world around & within us. Without our bountiful Earth we would physically not have the elements we need to survive. Everyday we are blessed to have fresh air to breathe, cleansing water to drink, luscious Earth to live on & grow food and revitalising fire to cleanse & reform in an spiritual & physical level. Finally, Mother Earth provides us with the Spirit element which connects us all as one being. It is the Spiritual element which we need to strengthen & acknowledge as we establish as strong connection to Earth.

Look Inside:

To strengthen our connection to the Spiritual element you must also be in tune with your own mind, body & spirit. Our own being is an extension of Mother Nature so the connection will also be a part of us however we still need to find ways to nurture and strengthen it. Meditation is our preferred way of nurturing that connection, by meditating you are able to control your thoughts, breathing & soul without the interruption of external stresses. However you choose to do your meditation start introducing some time to talk to Mother Nature. Acknowledge the gifts she has provided you, thank her for everything she has blessed you with & begin finding ways you can give back to her in your daily life.

What's Around You:

It doesn't matter if you live in a city or rural setting, Mother Nature is always around you. Everything we use, wear & consume at some point came from our bountiful Earth. Look further into the things you use in your daily life that have come from Mother Nature, find ways that you can reduce what you take and instead start giving back to her. Most importantly go and be in nature, take the time to absorb her and connect with your natural surroundings. Be grateful for not only her physical beauty and ability to adapt through so much but also acknowledge how the natural environment has the ability to give you a sense of calm and slowness to your life.

Daily Check In:

As we move through the busyness of our daily lives you can often be left feeling disconnected and out of touch with our spiritual connection to Mother Nature. If you begin feeling disconnected or displaced take a moment to take 3 long slow deep breaths and ground yourself knowing that you will always be connected to Earth.


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