Our Rebranding Journey

I have thought about writing this for months, I've sat in front of my screen entering words and then holding down the backspace key until they're all gone because the truth is that thoughts are just providing rationale and sitting in front of the screen is far from connecting to the lifeblood of our brand and ultimately, our choice to rebrand. The truth is, our rebrand is entirely based on feelings, feelings of deep connection to Earth, all that it offers all that we have to offer it.
Folktribe has been such an incredible adventure for us and we have learnt so much about ourselves, each other and exactly what we want to put out into the world and just as the serpent sheds its skin, we feel the time has come for our own renewal and rebirth.
The essence of our brand has not changed, it is simply evolving as everything does, it is our deepest desire is to truly express our connection to Earth, the nurturer and the feminine through our brand and so, 'Folktribe Clothing' has now evolved into 'Terra'.

Em and I wish to express that the heart and soul of our work remains the same, we are first and foremost, environmentalists, Gaia always has and always will be our muse and sustainability and ethics run deep into the roots of our label.
We will still continue to create sustainable fashion, our commitment to a made to order process remains and natural, sustainable fibres will continue as the cornerstone of our creations. From our foundational offerings, we wish to grow our range into thoughtfully curated, small batch lifestyle pieces and other treasures that are hand crafted by us or other kindred makers who have the same level of integrity and creativity in their process.
We wish to build community, to offer a space of wisdom, of holding and of trust for kindred spirits to gather and explore simplicity, sustainability, self love, all that makes a beautiful, wholesome life, a place for the modern mystic to explore and express their earthly wisdom.
We look forward, overflowing with joy and anticipation as we move forward together as 'Terra', not just another brand but a warm haven for kindred spirits to gather as they journey toward a wholesome life of connection and grounding.



  • Casey

    So excited for this journey! Always loving your words and gorgeous sustainable pieces of clothing xo

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