Soulful Creation in the hands of the Feminine

Creation is a beautiful feminine trait that is so deeply and elegantly expressed by nature indefinitely, in so many incredible ways. Nature is a form of inspiration, energy, an endless life force that constantly renews us, we gratefully and graciously witness and receive from her.   

We've wanted to write a blog about the feminine trait of creation for so long now but have found it difficult to find the words to express its magnitude. A dear friend whom finds her creation in the form of words has kindly allowed us to share this poem with you, we trust it will inspire something in you as it has in us. 


What is it that makes your soul full?
So full that you would burst if its song wasn't sung

So full that the dishes lay unwashed, the laundry rests in heaps
To do lists go ignored

But your heart gives thanks for belonging to you
For quietly listening to her loving whisper
For not ignoring her passionate screams
For this she promises you everything you will need

She pumps your blood to your hands, saying write!
Squeezes blood to your legs, daring you dance!
Pools blood in your womb and begs you create

Create your life, paint a reflection of you
Your soulful yearnings and deepest desires

Every story that ended without the happy ending
Is now the beginning of a tale you will teach

For every fear that threatens to cause paralysis,
Your love has the strength to move mountains

So don't grieve the tears that fall
For they become the mirror by which you see yourself clearly

Every heavy sigh of frustration and pain
Turns into fuel and a catalyst for change

So what if you let go of control and surrendered?
Held on instead to the loose and loving thread of faith

When you open your eyes and the dream is now your reality

What do you see?

Meet me there. Around the tree

-Benita Nwulu 


  • ukunugenogowu

    ] Ijaile

  • tabgozmakeru

    ] Exaabikam

  • oteveyulo

    ] Ipevac

  • uhicowosqak

    ] Usogewoy

  • sujaxurad

    ] Ayudeixuh