Our vision is that our garments are purchased, loved and worn for a very long time, this is embodied in our design philosophy of timelessness and versatility. Choosing well and buying less is an incredible movement and a step in the right direction for sustainability however it is more than just a statement, we offer you these explorations to support you on your journey.


The foundation of fast fashion is built on the marketing messaging convincing you that 'you are not enough' and if you have this thing then you will be better, at least until the next thing comes along. We want to build a community on self love and the deep understanding of your own style, that you know what you love and you consciously choose it.  


We believe that choosing the perfect piece for you involves your input which is why we offer the ability to choose from our ever growing range of colours and basic alterations to our standard sizing range. These options allow you to truly contribute to the creation of your piece making it so special that you will choose to keep it in your wardrobe for years to come. 


Excessive and saturated wardrobes have become the norm, the fast fashion industry is rapidly moving from seasonal to daily releases. When clothing is turned over at this rate, there is waste at both ends, the retailer is throwing away excess stock when a new batch arrives and the consumer is throwing away pieces that are no longer "on trend" to make way for an imminent release. It is a dangerous cycle and having a better understanding of your own style and what you truly need will support you to steer clear of it. 

In response to the fast fashion mentality we choose to make pieces to order which means only what is wanted will be created, ensuring there’s no waste from excess stock ordering. 


We design timeless, versatile garments that can be worn casually or dressed up, at home or while traveling and we do not release seasonally but rather when our designs are ready. We believe that if our pieces are timeless, it doesn't matter when they are released as they can be worn whenever you feel. We also design complementary pieces as much as we can so that you can buy pieces that can be styled together or can both be worn separately as an entirely different outfit.


One of the most empowering things you can do as a consumer is keep your clothing in your wardrobe for longer, so choose well, buy less and invest in a wardrobe that is perfect for you. It is our ambition to provide a conscious community, free of judgement to share our journeys and exploration of these topics.