The number one thing you can do to reduce your impact is to choose your piece carefully, love it and wear it for many years to come. If one day you decide it’s not for you anymore, please make the effort to pass it onto someone you know will love it. If it wears out, just cut it up into small pieces and put it into your compost or bury it and it will break down naturally. 

Does your piece feel a little stiff? When you buy fabric that is soft when you first purchase it, that generally means it has been through extensive processing to get to that point. Your clothes (and hemp in particular) get softer over time with simple things like washing and wearing your piece, we believe that simple actions such as just wearing your clothes can naturally soften your piece rather than using harsh chemicals and extra resources to speed up that process. Another bonus, your clothes don't arrive to you prematurely aged so they'll last longer! 

Want your clothes softer, quicker?

Tip 1: wear it around the house or even to bed and it will soften naturally with the power of your own body warmth (we think that's even better than solar energy!). It should only take a few wears before it softens.

Tip 2: this tip uses alot more resources so it's not our number one choice but if you're really desperate, wash your piece and iron it when it dries, repeat this process until you achieve your desired result. 

Some tips to ensure the longevity of your piece:

  1. Spot wash your garment to reduce the amount of times you need to wash it (this will also reduce your water and energy consumption).
  2. Hand wash as much as you can, if you must machine wash choose a gentle setting and wash with cold water.  
  3. Choose a natural detergent, we use Zero Co (they use refillable bottles made from ocean plastic waste), your local bulk food store will likely have a few natural detergent options or if you're after a supermarket  alternative, Eco Store and Earth Choice are our picks.
  4. Line dry your garment in the shade. Hemp is very UV resistant but the garment will last a lot longer if it is hung in the shade.
  5. Repair! If your garment becomes worn or is accidentally damaged, repair it quickly to avoid further damage. Not sure how? Ask us! You can reach us