Water Pollution

The two largest pollutants of clean water are directly correlated with textiles and therefore the fashion industry. So what are they and how are we addressing this issue? 

  1. Agriculture. 

‘What does this have to do with fashion?’ we hear you say. Well, a large number of fibres start their life as a plant in the agriculture industry before they are processed into fibre and fabric for the fashion industry.

Our solution: We have chosen to use hemp fibre as it produces 200- 250% more fibre in the same amount of land when compared to cotton, using around half the amount of water.

  1. Textile Dyeing.

We catch our own rainwater and mix it with plant matter to make our dye, the entire process is done by us, by hand, giving us full control of the process and the ability to monitor water usage. The dye is 100% degradable and we put it on gardens after we are finished so the water can rejoin the ecosystem.

Next Up: Combating Fast Fashion