Your piece is too good to compost but too damaged to repair? Doesn't fit anymore and can't find a new home for it? Simply doesn't suit your style anymore? 

You can now keep your lovely Terra pieces from going to waste by sending it back to us in exchange for a store credit. 

Fill out the contact form here and include the garment type and condition (see below for guide) and we will contact you to arrange the rest. 

Please note this process is assessed at our discretion on a case by case basis and you may be required to submit images of your garment prior to returning (particularly damaged or stained items). 


Very Good - very few washes and wears, no stains or damage

Good - a moderate amount of washes and wears, the garment is soft and worn in but has no stains or damage

Fair - a moderate to high amount of washes and wears, the garment is very soft and worn, starting to show signs of wear in seams or some minor stains

Ruined - has major damage (ie tears) or major staining